Custom Services from Huntington Debt Holding

Customized recovery solutions that provide creditors with increased revenue

Custom Services from Huntington Debt Holding

Customized recovery solutions that provide creditors with increased revenue

Huntington Debt Holding Creates Cash Flow Opportunities

Huntington Debt Holding has over 30 combined years of successful and compliant portfolio purchasing and management. We work together with our creditor partners to develop customized recovery strategies that maximize the value of distressed receivables portfolios and help creditors achieve business goals. By combining state-of-the-art technologies with our decades of experience, we drive bottom-line results that create increased cash flow for creditors of all types.

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Portfolio Acquisitions

We provide immediate cash for the purchase of your distressed and non-performing accounts receivable. Leveraging our technology, we create an efficient due diligence process that provides our seller partners with transparency throughout a streamlined portfolio analysis and pricing process. Our seamless and established processes allow us to quickly and compliantly purchase portfolios at each stage of the account lifecycle.

Allocating internal resources to the task of resolving past-due accounts receivable can be a drain on your staff and your company. Instead of chasing your overdue funds, sell your receivables portfolios to Huntington Debt Holding. We provide maximum value with minimum risk to give you the quick influx of cash your business needs.

Portfolio Management Services

Our team specializes in the servicing of accounts, providing the transparency and compliance you need to protect your reputation and minimize risk. Through our extensively vetted and trusted network of licensed service providers, we service accounts to create a more predictable cash flow for your business.

We liquidate receivables portfolios in a professional and compliant manner. Our creditor partners continually turn to us for our exceptional customer service that maximizes the value of past due accounts. We treat each person with respect and dignity to build strong relationships that deliver bottom-line results. Without customized servicing solutions, you can increase your revenue stream without sacrificing quality or compliance. Leverage our technology, processes, and expertise to increase performance and maintain focus on your core business.

Compliance & Technology

Data security is a keystone of successful debt purchasing and portfolio management. Our team understands the importance of strict adherence to client parameters and the stringent rules and regulations that govern the receivables industry. We are fully committed to protecting the data that is entrusted to us. By maintaining strict adherence to internal security processes, we deliver optimal compliance and data protection.

Utilizing our industry-leading infrastructure and technology systems, we implement automation and security measures that reduce the risk and human errors that are associated with manual tasks. Huntington Debt Holding provides secure data transfers and storage to ensure the highest levels of data integrity and protection.

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Highly-Trained Team

Compliance has always been the foundation of our company. At Huntington Debt Holding, we understand the critical importance of a confident and informed team. We keep our staff current with changing and emerging legislation through regular training and testing. Our employees participate in training on processes and procedures, industry regulations, and client parameters to ensure the highest levels of compliance that drive improved performance and bottom-line results for creditors.

Our clients depend on our services and solutions that are not only within the bounds of compliance but also delivered with the utmost professionalism. Through interactive development opportunities, our team demonstrates proficiency in consumer legislation and how to compliantly and respectfully interact with consumers. It is our goal to deliver the most consistent and positive customer experiences that protect our clients and meet the needs of consumers.

Delivering maximum performance for clients through exceptional customer service.