Consumer Resources and Tools

Financial resources to help you get back on the path toward financial wellness

Consumer Resources and Tools

Financial resources to help you get back on the path toward financial wellness
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Get on the Path Toward Financial Independence

Huntington Debt Holding cares about the financial well-being of consumers. We understand that debt can be stressful and create additional challenges when working toward financial goals. Our team is here to help you find a resolution to your outstanding balance that fits your budget and helps you achieve financial independence.

Financial literacy is an important part of financial health. Understanding your credit report, budgeting, and personal finance management can help you make sound financial decisions and achieve your financial goals. The free resources we provide on this page are designed to help you develop a better understanding of credit and debt management. To help you understand your own unique financial situation and develop personal financial goals, we encourage you to check your credit report regularly.

A free, online resource from the Receivables Management Association International, provides financial education tools and resources for people of all ages and all stages of life. is a free resource from the federal government that provides information on the MyMoney Five, the five principles consumers should keep in mind while making day-to-day decisions and planning financial goals.

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Money Smart

The FDIC provides this free financial education program that can be used to help people of all ages learn more about how to enhance financial skills and create positive banking relationships.

Get an Experian credit report and see your FICO credit score for free. Learn more about how to read your credit report and why checking your credit score is important.

Huntington Debt Holding Complaints Resolution

We care about providing a positive experience and welcome your feedback. The Huntington Debt Holding team is highly-trained to ensure that our services are in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. However, if a member of our service network did not treat you fairly or failed to outline your options, we encourage you to contact us immediately to share your feedback. Our team will work diligently toward a resolution to your concern.

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RMAI Consumer Resources

We encourage consumers to learn about our credit bureau reporting policies.